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About Me

I am a public law scholar and political philosopher.  I recently graduated with a PhD in political science at Columbia University. I also hold JD and LLM degrees from the New York University School of Law.  My work focuses primarily on normative and positive constitutional theory, with connections to topics in the history of political thought, jurisprudence, administrative/constitutional law, and the philosophy of social science.  My PhD thesis, Conservative Jurisprudence and Liberal Constitutionalism, begins as a criticism of the textualism and originalism prevalent within contemporary legal conservatism and then attempts to show that legal conservatism is heir to a highly flawed conception of liberal constitutional theory.

From 2021 to 2022, I was the Jerre E. Williams Fellow at the Administrative Conference of the United States, where I performed research with the goal of improving American administrative law.

You can find links below to my work on SSRN.


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